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1. Will it stain easily?

No since the iCoat epoxy is completely nonporous it is impervious to most stains even red wine!

2. Will a hot pot ruin my counter?

The counter material has a scorch rating to 500°F, much hotter than most of you cooking temperatures. It is recommended that you always use a hot pad or trivet under hot pots and do not use heating equipment directly on the counter surface.

3. Is it durable?

The iCoat counter is more resilient than natural stone products and resists damage from falling objects. With a sound sub straight your counter can last a lifetime.

4. Can you do a bathtub?

No the iCoat counter system is not designed to do a vertical application and would not achieve a smooth finish.

5. Are iCoat counters safe to have around my baby?

The iCoat epoxy has been certified as food safe by the FDA and emits no harmful elements.

6. Will I have to reseal the counter?

No, the epoxy is completely nonporous so it requires no sealing.

7. I have tile counters, what can you do about the grout lines?

Tile is no issue for the iCoat system, when the stone layer is applied the material is used to fill in the grout lines to give you a smooth counter finish. You will never be able to tell it was tile!

8. I would LOVE this on my shower walls; can you do that?

Yes! With the help of a good contractor the wall panels are created flat then applied to the walls.

9. Can these counters be installed in an outdoor kitchen?

Yes! The sub straight must be cement like hardy backer board or a poured slab. Most outdoor applications will not allow use of the epoxy layer so an alternative top coat is used for durability.

10. What type of surface can the counter be applied to?

It is designed and engineered as an overlay system to be applied directly over:
Laminate • Wood • Drywall • Concrete • Formica • Granite • Marble Cultured •Marble