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The Product

  • Lightweight
  • Will not delaminate, crack, or chip
  • Colorfast Earth Pigments will not fade
  • Multiple sheens achievable, including a natural honed marble look
  • Heat rated to 500°F
  • Made in America
When Compared with Natural Stone:
  • NO seams or up charges for unsuallly shaped counters
  • Higher tensile strength, with no weak points due to veins and cracks
  • FDA approved food safe/Granite is not
  • Custom coloration
  • Custom edging choices
  • Completely impervious to staining
  • No harmful radon gases

Green Attributes

Organic 0 VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) dry formula architectural coating

Utilized aggregates that absorb VOC

Incorporates 100% recycled, tumbled, and cleaned glass

Utilizes natural & renewable elements such as natural mica and cork

Earth ground pigments

Non porous surface eliminates bacteria issues commonly a concern with natural occurring surface materials

No need to apply a sealer